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1000 UNITS
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Music by Devin Burrows
Limited Edition of 1000 Units

Autographed copies are no longer available

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La-La Land Records proudly presents composer Devin Burrows’ (DEADHEADS) original motion picture score to the acclaimed big-screen horror/thriller/fantasy sensation THE WRETCHED, starring John-Paul Howard, Piper Curda and Jamison Jones, and written and directed by The Pierce Brothers. Composer Burrows pulls inspiration from both modern and classic film scoring motifs and unleashes a thrillingly nail-biting orchestral ride that buoys the film’s outlandish witch-driven scares as well as its brooding, haunting atmospherics and character-driven drama. This is a notable genre score from one of 2020’s most celebrated horror offerings. Produced by the composer, and mastered by Tom Hutten, this is a limited edition CD release of 1000 units featuring bewitching art direction by Dan Goldwasser and exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer Daniel Schweiger.



1. Something In The Basement 1:05
2. The Road To Amity Marina 0:32
3. Woods 1:15
4. The Wretched Appears 0:28
5. I Don’t Have A Son 1:38
6. Twigs 0:35
7. Morning Cartoons 0:41
8. Enveloped By The Woods 0:26
9. Alone With Mom 1:12
10. Don’t Let Her In 2:33
11. Something Under The Porch 0:29
12. Watching Netflix 1:48
13. Witchipedia 1:10
14. Honey... Beer? 0:44
15. Missing Picture, Broken Picture 1:13
16. Eva Ernst Is In My Fruit Cellar 4:52
17. Wretched Revelation 0:28
18. We’re Going To Get You Some Help 1:13
19. Put One In His Brain 1:09
20. Barn 2:40
21. Stag Skull 1:24
22. Out Of Sarah Into Memories 1:48
23. Broken Window 0:48
24. Wretched Encounter 1:20
25. Must Have Been One Of Her Nightmares 1:28
26. Starcrush 0:48
27. Goodbye 3:58