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Item Number:
Limited Edition:
3000 UNITS

Music by Graeme Revell
Limited Edition of 3000 units


La-La Land Records and Universal Studios proudly present the sixth title in the acclaimed Universal Pictures Film Music Classics Collection -- the world premiere official release of the original motion picture score to the big-screen 1990 horror sequel, CHILD’S PLAY 2, starring Alex Vincent, Jenny Agutter and Christine Elise and directed by John Lafia. Acclaimed composer Graeme Revell (DEAD CALM, THE CROW, TITAN A.E.) fashions a knockout orchestral genre score for the first sequel to the landmark horror hit CHILD’S PLAY, utilizing a 90 piece orchestral to unleash Chucky’s possessed-doll rampage with notable fury. Presented here for the first time, the score, orchestrated and conducted by Shirley Walker, and recorded by Bruce Botnick, is a revelation – arguably one of the ‘90s’ best horror film scores. Produced, edited and mastered by Mike Matessino, this special CD release, limited to 3000 units, features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by Zach Tow, which include new interview comments from the composer. The killer art design is by Dan Goldwasser.


1. Main Title (The Limousine) 3:22
2. Electrocution 1:06
3. Empty Tray / The Closet :55
4. Near Crash 1:23
5. Vodka Stop / Uncle Charles 1:27
6. Bag Mattson 2:06
7. Stalking The House 2:17
8. The Burial :44
9. Tommy / Chucky Moves /Basement Toss / School Bus 1:28
10. Swing Set :55
11. Bound And Gagged :59
12. At School 1:37
13. Yardstick 3:30
14. Electric Knife 4:14
15. How’s It Hangin’? 1:23
16. Under The Stairs / Garbage Can 5:14
17. Crash :48
18. Cop Stop / Throttle Kyle :58
19. Photocopy Finish 1:25
20. Van Chase To Factory 3:22
21. Knockout :36
22. The Chant 1:34
23. Labyrinth / Knife Arm 4:46
24. New Eyeballs 2:08
25. Meltdown And Blowup 5:30
26. End Credits 5:24