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Get yours autographed by composer Mac Quayle at no additional charge. Autographs are available while supplies last and are NOT guaranteed.

La-La Land Records, Fox 21 Television Studios, FXP and 20th Century Fox TV Records present the world premiere CD release of renowned composer Mac Quayle (AMERICAN HORROR STORY, SCREAM QUEENS, AMERICAN CRIME STORY, MR. ROBOT) original score to the acclaimed 2017 FX special limited series presentation of FEUD – BETTE AND JOAN, starring Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon and Stanley Tucci. FEUD – BETTE AND JOAN was a revelation – a wildly entertaining chronicle of screen siren rivals Bette Davis and Joan Crawford and their volatile teaming on the set of WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE. Drama, humor, tension, emotion and inspiration burst forth – all of it expertly captured, supported and unleashed by composer Mac Quayle’s amazing score – a work that draws influences from classic Hollywood movie music – echoes of Herrmann, Goldsmith, Mancini and more – and fashions all of it into an original musical tapestry that is as respectfully, gloriously retro as it is breathtakingly contemporary. Produced by Mac Quayle and mastered by John Rodd, this special limited edition CD release features additional music tracks NOT available on the digital download assembly and exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer Daniel Schweiger, with comments from the composer. Sharp art design is by Dan Goldwasser. This is a limited edition of 1500 units.




1. Feud: Bette and Joan – Main Titles 1:11
2. Documentary 2:42
3. Finale Fanfare 0:36
4. I Want to Act 1:37
5. Baby Jane Book 0:30
6. Shopping the Movie 1:15
7. The Contracts 1:05
8. Liebestraum* 1:04
9. Bette Becomes Baby Jane 1:35
10. No Bad Angles 0:46
11. Promiscuity 0:56
12. Bob & Bette 0:47
13. Cocktail Party 1:13
14. Five More Years* 0:59
15. Feud: Bette and Joan – End Credits 2:10
16. A Day at the Beach 4:28
17. Close the Door 0:57
18. This Awful Silence 3:09
19. No Offers 3:58
20. Autographs* 0:30
21. Oscar Day 3:02
22. The Winner Is* 0:49
23. Selling Cousin Charlotte 3:02
24. Stag Picture* 1:25
25. One Take Wonder 0:48
26. My First Wedding* 1:01
27. Tombstone Photoshoot* 0:36
28. Martini* 1:11
29. The Brows Are Mine 2:09
30. The Best Mother 0:57
31. Feud: Bette and Joan – Epilogue 2:05

Total Album Time: 49:02
*CD exclusive track

Music Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP)