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Music by Anthony Giaccio  

Hudson Valley NY area songwriter/singer/musician Anthony Giaccio invites you on a musical road trip with his debut solo album OUTRUN THE RAIN. Recorded at GD PonderRosa Studios in New Jersey with Giaccio’s band, The Assortments, OUTRUN THE RAIN marks a departure for the musician, blending a country feel with rock influences for a compelling and original sound. Though many of the songs were written before the impact of the pandemic, Giaccio notes that - as fate would have it – the message behind the album resonates particularly now.  He comments that, “We all go through difficult times, but there’ll be brighter days ahead. No matter what you’re dealing with, keep moving until you outrun the rain.”

 A versatile musician, Giaccio performs acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar, piano, organ, and harmonica for various tracks on “Outrun the Rain,” while providing lead vocals. He is joined by Ray Paquette (drums), Nancy Paquette (vocals), Brad Scheller (Bass), and Tony Michelini (lead guitar).  For additional information go to

Format: CD – Cardboard sleeve packaging



  1. 88 Keys
  2. Ain’t Gonna Quit
  3. Country Music
  4. Did I Make You Proud
  5. Get Me To Friday
  6. Never Want To Leave
  7. Outrun The Rain
  8. Run Away And Hide
  9. Try Again
  10. When Life Gets In The Way