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2000 units
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Autographed copies are no longer available.

La-La Land Records, DC, Warner Bros. and WaterTower Music presents the original score to Season Four of the hit television series THE FLASH, starring Grant Gustin, Candice Patton and Danielle Panabaker. Acclaimed composers Blake Neely (SUPERGIRL, ARROW, DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW) and Nathaniel Blume (DECEPTION) speed the iconic, titular character through this un-catchable series' fourth season with a powerhouse score that won’t quit Loaded with action, drama, suspense and heart, it’s a rich and varied music work that is an invaluable part of this wildly successful and inventive series. The musical highlights from Season 4 have been assembled by the composer himself into an exciting listen that will delight fans! Produced by the composer and mastered by Stephen Marsh, this is a special, limited edition of 2000 units, featuring art design by Dan Goldwasser.


1. Reborn / Team Kid Flash (2:22)
2. Not Coming Back / Enter Samuroid (2:46)
3. I Kept Running / Meet the Thinker (3:02)
4. Couples Therapy (1:54)
5. Unauthorized Breach / Gypsco (1:39)
6. Wally Leaving Central City (2:25)
7. Bachelor Party (1:31)
8. Snake Eye and the Weeper (2:27)
9. The Council of Wells (1:36)
10. Dinosaur Bones (1:39)
11. The Most Important Part of the Job (1:54)
12. Disturbia (1:46)
13. I Think, Therefore I Am (4:26)
14. DeVoe Takes Dominic (3:03)
15. Trial of The Flash (3:33)
16. The Wheel of Misfortune (3:03)
17. Barry Stays (2:04)
18. My Lightning Rod (4:04)
19. Run, Iris, Run (3:12)
20. The Light They Need (1:33)
21. The Elongated Knight Rises (2:46)
22. Acquiring the Last Meta (4:13)
23. The Path to Enlightenment (2:00)
24. I Believe in You, Clifford (2:28)
25. Talking to Himself (1:27)
26. They Can’t Sideline Us (2:06)
27. The Death of Harry’s Brain (2:13)
28. The Enlightenment Begins (3:22)
29. Escaping the Mind Nexus (2:18)
30. Taking Down the Satellite / Meet Nora (4:53)