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ESCAPE TO DANGER – Original Soundtracks from the Audio Adventures of DOCTOR WHO: LIMITED EDITION

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1000 UNITS
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ESCAPE TO DANGER – Original Soundtracks from the Audio Adventures of DOCTOR WHO: LIMITED EDITION

Music by Joe Kraemer
Limited Edition of 1000 Units


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NOW SHIPPING Order yours now and get it autographed by composer Joe Kraemer at no additional charge. Autographs no longer available.

La-La Land Records proudly presents ESCAPE TO DANGER: Original Soundtracks from the Audio Adventures of DOCTOR WHO, the original music from the acclaimed Big Finish radio dramas. Renowned composer, and long-time Doctor Who fan, Joe Kraemer (JACK REACHER, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE ROUGE NATION, KING COHEN, TV’s PANDORA) fashions a wondrous musical universe for these popular radio dramas that provide all-new otherworldly adventures for the beloved Doctor. This release showcases Kraemer’s scores to the episodes “The Defectors” and “Absolute Power” – music that teams with thrills, drama and an abundance of heart! Featured as well, is the composer’s rendition of the immortal Doctor Who theme. Produced by Joe Kraemer and mastered by James Nelson, this CD release includes a note from the composer and liners by writer Andrew Cartmel. The art design is by Mark Banning. This CD release is limited to 1000 units.


01. Theme From Doctor Who* (0:42)

02. UNIT HQ (1:52)
03. Hedgerton (1:40)
04. The Seventh Doctor (1:54)
05. To Delphin Isle (3:03)
06. The Delphin Arms (2:24)
07. At The Quayside (3:09)
08. Wingford and Cornelius (2:39)
09. The Submersion Tank (2:59)
10. Hedgerton’s Tale (3:35)
11. Return Of The Dead (6:11)
12. UNIT To The Rescue (5:09)
13. Escape to Danger I (2:19)
14. Jo Takes Action (2:51)
15. The Aftermath (2:16)

16. Arrival at Teymah (0:42)
17. Florrie and Yce (1:44)
18. Mrs. Clarke (1:54)
19. Professor Wyke (3:12)
20. The Doctor Investigates (1:11)
21. Who Goes There (1:00)
22. A Mystery (2:40)
23. The Ninexie (2:15)
24. Rescuing Constance (3:46)
25. Past is Prologue (1:48)
26. Solving Riddles (1:38)
27. Captain Khorbal (2:21)
28. The Teymah
 Conundrum (1:38)
29. Escape to Danger II (4:34)
30. The Ninexie Solution (2:42)
31. Blue Box (0:27)
32. Theme From
Doctor Who (Reprise)* (0:48)

Total Time 78:21
* - Composed by Ron Grainer