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2000 UNITS
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Music by Alex North
Limited Edition of 2000 Units

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La-La Land Records and Paramount Pictures Present a limited edition CD re-issue of renowned composer Alex North’s (SPARTACUS, A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE, CLEOPATRA, BITE THE BULLET, PRIZZI’S HONOR) score to the 1981 Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney Productions feature film DRAGONSLAYER, starring Peter MacNicol and Caitlin Clarke and directed by Matthew Robbins. Previously out of print, our acclaimed DRAGONSLAYER album returns to commemorate the beloved film’s 40th Anniversary. North’s masterful orchestral score harnesses all the pathos, danger and heart swelling within this beloved fantasy epic, which continues to build a devoted following decades since its original release. Produced by Dan Goldwasser and remastered by Mike Matessino from a 3-track LCR master recording, this expanded limited edition release of 2000 units, which features the same content and master as our 2010 release, presents the correctly-titled cues in film order and includes Bonus Tracks. The CD booklet features in-depth liner notes and track analysis by Jeff Bond.



1. Main Title 2:47
2. No Sorcerers – No Dragons 1:49
3. Ulrich’s Death and Mourning / The Amulet 3:29
4. Forest Romp 1:32
5. Maiden’s Sacrifice 4:26
6. Visions and Reflections / Hodge’s Death 4:45
7. The Lair / Landslide 4:15
8. Galen Jailed / Galen’s Escape* 2:21
9. Jacopus Blasted 2:24
10. Burning Village** 1:10
11. The Lance / The Lottery** 4:40
12. Galen’s Search for the Amulet 1:09
13. Valerian’s Dragon Scales 1:30
14. Still a Virgin 1:58
15. Elspeth’s Destiny / Tyrian – Galen Fight 3:12
16. 3 Darling Dragonettes / Triumphant Dragon 2:38
17. A Slight Skirmish 3:15
18. Dejection / Eclipse / Resurrection of Ulrich 5:26
19. Dragon Sore-ing 1:13
20. Destroy That Amulet! 2:46
21. ‘Tis the Final Conflict** 4:14
22. Intro to End Credits / End Credits** 4:34

23. Dance Montage 2:53
24. A Slight Skirmish (alternate) 3:24
25. Main Title (original) 0:47
* not used in film
** contains material not used in film