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La-La Land Records and Sony Pictures Television proudly present the CD release of the original score to the YouTube Red Original Series COBRA KAI, starring Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, both reprising their famed KARATE KID roles. Composers Zach Robinson and Leo Birenberg (SING IT!, SON OF ZORN), unleash an astounding musical score – a propulsive mix of classical orchestration and contemporary rock that teems with drama, emotion and excitement, all the while thoughtfully nodding to the classic KARATE KID maestro Bill Conti’s original themes.  Produced by Zach Robinson, Leo Birenberg, Dan Goldwasser and MV Gerhard, and mastered by Doug Swartz, this CD release contains several exclusive tracks not available on any other format. Art Design is by Dan Goldwasser.

All episodes of COBRA KAI are currently available streaming on YouTube Red!

SPECIAL LONGBOX PACKAGING!  Exclusive to - 300 units of the COBRA KAI CD are available packaged in a special 80’s era replica longbox, as an affectionate tribute to the original KARATE KID universe. These are available only while supplies last, at a retail price of $20.98 (with an additional shipping charge).



1. Awake the Snake 2:07
2. Ace Degenerate 1:25
3. Miyagi Memories 1:35
4. Strike First 1:07
5. Father and Son 0:39
6. 50th Anniversary 1:01
7. The All-Valley Tournament 3:34
8. A Badass Name for a Dojo 0:38
9. Miyagi-Do* 1:53
10. Slither 1:54
11. Cobra Guy 0:50
12. Balance 1:04
13. Speak Up, Lip 0:57
14. Stone vs. Diaz 1:41
15. Johnny’s Story 2:28
16. You Earned It 0:52
17. Quiver 1:09
18. Venomous 1:17
19. Bonsai Lessons 1:50
20. Ophidiophobia 2:14
21. The Wrong Path* 1:58
22. Final Match 1:49
23. The Cobra and the Mongoose 1:20
24. Time Out 1:35
25. No Mercy 1:15
26. Miyagi’s Tomb* 2:43
27. The New Champion 1:37
28. King Cobra 1:37

29. Snake Charmer 0:47
30. Rough Day 1:57
31. Sensei Sam 1:31
32. Fought With Honor 1:03
33. Bathroom Attack 0:54
34. Defanged 1:05
35. Wangless Dork 1:00
36. Firebird Gone 1:38
37. LaRusso Auto Group 0:42
Total Album Time: 55:09
* interpolates portions of Bill Conti’s score from The Karate Kid film series