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La-La Land Records, DC, Warner Bros. Animation and WaterTower music present the original motion picture score to the all-new animated DC Classic Original Movie, BATMAN: RETURN OF THE CAPED CRUSADERS, starring the renowned vocal talents of legendary BATMAN performers, Adam West as Batman/Bruce Wayne, Burt Ward as Robin and Julie Newmar as Catwoman. Acclaimed composers Kristopher Carter, Lolita Ritmanis and Michael McCuistion (BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE, BATMAN BRAVE AND THE BOLD, JUSTICE LEAGUE) craft a heroic joyride of musical fun and thrills, infused with an infectious retro-jazz-swing spirit that, with the contributions of talented live players, expertly compliments this film’s heartfelt tribute to the dynamic duo’s adventures of yesteryear! Produced by John Takis for La-La Land Records and mastered by James Nelson, and featuring heroic art design by Dan Goldwasser, this special release contains in-depth liner notes by Takis and is a limited edition of 1500 Units.




  1. Classic Batman Main Title*§ 1:24
  2. Batman’s New Look** 0:25
  3. Meet Our Baddies*/It’s the Bat-Signal** 2:22
  4. To the Batcave*§ 1:53
  5. Not So Fast, Old Chum**/Crosswalk Conundrum** 0:30
  6. Riddle Me This?***/Atomic Lab Fight*§ 3:13
  7. Jokermobile Chase*** 1:49
  8. Catwoman Has Batnip* 1:49
  9. TV Dinner Factory Arrival** 1:24
  10. TV Dinner Factory Kerfuffle*/TV Tray Death Trap*/Dessert Denouement* 4:31
  11. Establish Police HQ*/The BatShadow Rises*/A Moment With Aunt Harriet***/You’re Dismissed** 2:15
  12. In Search of Criminal Activity*** 1:10
  13. Batcave Batmobile Arrival**/To the Bat-Rocket** 1:20
  14. The Right Bat Stuff*/Space Joker Playon* 1:29
  15. Bat-Rocket Approaches the Station*** 1:21
  16. Outer Space Rendezvous**/Under the Influence*** 3:34
  17. Zero-G Brawl* 2:29
  18. Like a Bat in the Night*/Holy Hitchhiker, Robin** 0:37
  19. Bruce Snaps at Aunt***/Back Alley Dirge** 1:03
  20. Why Won’t He Answer?*** 0:33
  21. Gotham Crime Spree** 0:39
  22. Bat Dupe See*/Batmen Take Over*/Robin Figures It Out** 3:39
  23. Catwoman Is in Her Element/To the Catmobile*** 2:10
  24. Batcave Showdown** 2:24
  25. Radioactive Silo Trap**/Bat Anti-Isotope Spray***/Surprise Prison Inspection** 2:46
  26. Mass Prison Break** 1:32
  27. The Show Must Go On**/Bat TV Two See§ 2:38
  28. Bad Batmen*** 2:00
  29. One Step Ahead** 2:22
  30. Villains Plan*** 3:44
  31. Airship Battle** 2:18
  32. Farewell Catwoman*** 1:39
  33. Classic Batman End Title§ 3:22


  1. Gotham Palace TV Theme** 0:21
  2. Hector and the Hoedaddies*** 0:21
  3. Bedbugs TV Source** 0:53
  4. Kitkat Kave Dancing** 0:35
  5. Gotham Palace TV Source #2** 0:45
  6. Joker Circus*** 0:43
  7. Elegant Party Source*** 1:01


* composed by Kristopher Carter
** composed by Michael McCuistion
*** composed by Lolita Ritmanis
§ “Batman Theme” by Neal Hefti, arranged by Kristopher Carter