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CHILDREN'S MUSIC ACADEMY - Specializing in quality
music education for young children; ages 4 - 7

Ayres, Mark
Baker, Michael Conway
Bernstein, Charles
Bernstein, Elmer
Blake, Howard
Broughton, Bruce
Brown, Bill
Burwell, Carter
Carlos, Wendy
Clausen, Alf
Clinton, George S.
Colvin, Eric
Cuyvers, Guy
Danna, Mychael
Davis, Carl
Davis, Don
Debney, John
Delerue, Georges
Diamond, Joel
Elfman, Danny
Folk, Robert
Franke, Christopher
Goldstein, William
Groupe, Larry
Harnell, Joe
Hayen, Todd
Herrmann, Bernard
Hester, Eric
Holdridge, Lee
Horner, James
Huud, Terry Michael
Hyldgaard, Søren
Isham, Mark
Jones, Ron
Julia, Roger
Kamen, Michael
Karpman, Laura
Kent, Rolfe
Korngold, Erich Wolfgang
Kubie, Chris
Lennertz, Christopher
Lindahl, Thomas
Mancina, Mark
Mansfield, David
McKenzie, Mark
Melnick, Peter Rodgers
Melle, Gil
Nascimbene, Mario
Newman, Thomas
Ottman, John
Pheloung, Barrington
Poledouris, Basil
Rabin, Trevor
Redford, J.A.C.
Renzetti, Joe
Revell, Graeme
Rona, Jeff
Sakamoto, Ryuichi
Schifrin, Lalo
Schwartz, David
Seeber, Eckart
Shaiman, Marc
Simonetti, Claudio
Walker, Shirley
Waxman, Franz
Wendler, Edwin
Williams, Alan
Williams, John
Williams, Ken
Winter, Mark
Wiseman, Debbie
Young, Christopher
Zimmer, Hans


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