La-La Land Records, with Sony Music (Custom Marketing Group) and 20th Century Fox, presents the remastered and expanded release of composer Jerry Goldsmith’s (PATTON, THE OMEN, BASIC INSTINCT, FIRST BLOOD, INNERSPACE) powerful orchestral score to the 1997 Twentieth Century Fox feature film THE EDGE, starring Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin and Bart The Bear, directed by Lee Tamahori. Considered by many to be one of Mr. Goldsmith’s last great scores, his music to THE EDGE is at once thrilling, thoughtful and breathtakingly beautiful – managing to not only convey the film’s majestic backdrop, but also it’s complex struggles of Man vs. Beast, Man vs. Nature and Man vs. Man. Produced by Nick Redman, Mike Matessino, and Didier C. Deutsch, this expanded presentation of THE EDGE features more than 65 minutes of pure Goldsmith, including bonus tracks. CD booklet contains exclusive liner notes by Jeff Bond. This is a limited edition of 3500 units.


  1. Early Arrival (1:32)*
  2. Lost In The Wild(s) (2:59)
  3. A Lucky Man/Open Door (1:41)*
  4. Mighty Hunter (1:31)
  5. The Spirit (0:36)*
  6. Birds (2:22)
  7. The Fire / Breakfast (2:31)*
  8. Rich Man (0:58)*
  9. The Ravine (4:36)
  10. Bitter Coffee (3:01)
  11. Wound (1:38)*
  12. Stephen's Death (2:26)*
  13. The Cage / False Hope / No Matches (3:34)*
  14. Stalking (5:46)
  15. Deadfall / Bear Fight (6:21)
  16. The Discovery / Trust Your Back (5:01)*
  17. The River (2:26)
  18. Rescued (6:03)
  19. End Title (Lost In The Wild)(s) (1:59)*
  20. The Edge (2:55)

Bonus Tracks

  1. False Hope (Alternate Take) (1:08)*
  2. Rescued (Film Version Ending) (1:19)*
  3. The Edge (Alternate Take) (3:00)*
    Total Time 66:15
    * - Previously unreleased


LLLCD 1131


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