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La-La Land Records, Universal Music and Paramount Pictures presents Christopher Komeda's (KNIFE IN THE WATER, THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS) original score to the 1968 Paramount Pictures classic chiller ROSEMARY'S BABY, starring Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes and Ralph Bellamy and directed by Roman Polanski. Clocking in at over 70 minutes, this special release is the definitive presentation of Komeda's chilling score, featuring the remastered original soundtrack album, the original film score (mono), source music and bonus tracks. Executive Produced by Lukas Kendall, MV Gerhard and Matt Verboys, Associate Produced by Neil S. Bulk and mastered by Doug Schwartz, this release is limited to 3000 units. Exclusive, in-depth liner notes by Scott Bettencourt and John Takis thoughtfully examine Komeda's profound score-an important work by an underrated composer.




  1. Lullaby From Rosemary's Baby, Part 1 (2:22)
    Vocal by Mia Farrow
    Arranged and Conducted by George Tipton
  2. The Coven (0:45)
  3. Moment Musical (2:08)
  4. Dream (3:48)
  5. Christmas (1:59)
  6. Expectancy (2:22)
  7. Main Title (Vocal) (2:25)
    Vocal by Mia Farrow
  8. Panic (2:03)
  9. Rosemary's Party (2:07)
  10. Through the Closet (1:44)
  11. What Have You Done to Its Eyes (1:28)
  12. Happy News (2:00)
    Total Time: 25:41

  13. Main Title (2:30)
  14. Furnishing the Apartment (1:00)
  15. Chanting (0:36)
  16. Dream (4:11)
  17. Lullaby (1:03)
  18. The Pain/How to Prepare a Good Steak/The Ear (1:16)
  19. Holiday Music (1:30)
  20. After the Call to Hutch/Good Appetite (1:04)
  21. Lullaby—Crib Sequence (1:16)
  22. Scrabble (2:03)
  23. Book About Witchcraft/The Horrible Doctor/The Fragrance (2:51)
  24. The Horrible Doctor #2/The Short Dream (1:13)
  25. The Iron Bars/Elevator—Lift/Dr. Sapirstein and Syringe (2:58)
  26. Path to Pit of Evil #1 (1:55)
  27. Path to Pit of Evil #2–3 (1:41)
  28. What Have You Done? (1:27)
  29. End Title (1:11)
    Total Time: 30:31

  30. Moment Musical (2:14)
  31. Bossa Nova (0:14)
  32. TV Music (1:32)
  33. Moment in Time (2:03)
    (Christopher Komeda and Hal Blair, Arr. and Cond. Jimmy Haskell)
  34. Moment Musical Jazz (With Piano Solo) (3:58)
    Total Time: 10:13

  35. Lullaby From Rosemary's Baby (2:23)
    (Main Title film soundtrack, excerpt)
  36. Lullaby From Rosemary's Baby, Part 2 (2:13)
    (Dot Records single, B-side)
    Vocal by Mia Farrow
    Arranged and Conducted by George Tipton
    Harmonica Solo by Tommy Morgan
    Total Time: 4:39

    Total Album Time: 71:21


LLLCD 1210


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