From The Jim Henson Company, creator of "The Dark Cyrstal" and "Labyrinth" and bestselling author Neil Gaiman ("American Gods," "Neverwhere," "Sandman") comes "Mirrormask", a breathtaking fantasy/adventure motion picture event unlike any other. "MirrorMask" will be released to select North American theaters September 30, 2005 by Sony Pictures Entertainment. This amazing visual achievement is directed by acclaimed illustrator Dave McKean, who designed the CD art for this soundtrack release. Composer Iain Ballamy evokes the otherworldly beauty of this fantastic adventure with a rich, emotional score that bursts with melody and complex, jazz-tinged themes. Includes the songs “Close To You” and “If I Apologised”, performed by vocalist Josephine Cronholm. CD booklet features exclusive liner notes from the composer and director.

Visit the official MIRRORMASK site.

  1. Sock Puppets / Flyover
  2. Circus Overture
  3. Spanish Web
  4. Gorillas!
  5. Running For The Bus
  6. Abandoned Hall
  7. Leaving The City
  8. Arresting Helena
  9. The White Queen Sleeps / The White Palace
  10. Rabbit Band
  11. The Library
  12. The Myth Of Creation
  13. Fish Street
  14. Looking Through The Window
  15. Giants Orbiting
  16. Outside Bagwell's
  17. Mrs. Bagwell's Rhumba
  18. Meeting The Sphinx
  19. Monkeybirds
  20. Dream Park / Meeting In A Dream
  21. Conjuring A Dome
  22. In The Dark Forest
  23. Betrayed!
  24. Close To You
  25. A New Life
  26. A Rather Tense Dinner Party
  27. Butterfingers
  28. Discoveries / Fight Or Flight? / Goodbye Evil Helena
  29. My Waltz For Newk
  30. If I Apologized

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