LucasArts, in association with La-La Land Records Presents acclaimed composer Michael Giacchino’s (THE INCREDIBLES, TV’s ALIAS, LOST, Videogames MEDAL OF HONOR and SECRET WEAPONS OVER NORMANDY) and composer Chris Tilton’s thrilling, epic orchestral score to the pulse-pounding new LucasArts videogame MERCENARIES. Mr. Giacchino’s rousing, signature themes propel the action-packed scenarios of this sensational military adventure videogame. (Game in stores nationwide).   Expertly performed by The Northwest Sinfonia, this amazing score rivals any big-budget Hollywood action-thriller / adventure.

To hear selections from the list below combined as a promo suite, click here.


  1. Mercenaries Main Theme (4:11)
  2. Destination: DMZ (3:37)
  3. Allied Nations (3:22)
  4. Mercenary Without A Cause (5:39)
  5. Deck of 52 (2:03)
  6. For The Motherland (2:31)
  7. Family Business (3:02)
  8. Show Me The Mercenary (2:04)
  9. Honor And Strength (3:26)
  10. Hidden Valley Bunker (4:53)
  11. Sniper (2:15)
  12. Swedish Fireballs (3:03)
  13. Trouble At Work (2:05)
  14. Trains, Planes, And HMMWVs (2:02)
  15. Relentless Pursuit (2:25)
  16. Gas Tank On The Roof (1:03)
  17. Explosion Scherzo (1:51)
  18. Thermal Event (2:11)
  19. Countdown (3:05)
  20. The Blinding Flash (1:07)
  21. World’s Best Carpool Lane (1:54)

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