La-La Land Records presents the original motion picture score to the new feature film JOBS, starring Ashton Kutcher, Josh Gad and Dermot Mulroney, and directed by Joshua Michael Stern. Acclaimed composer John Debney (THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, SIN CITY, THE ANT BULLY, IRON MAN 2) expertly weaves an evocative blend of musical styles (classical, rock, orchestral, electronic) to buoy this emotionally-charged telling of Steve Jobs fascinating and moving journey from college dropout to one of the most revered entrepreneurs of the 20th century. Produced by John Debney, Mason Cooper, MV Gerhard and Dan Goldwasser and mastered by James Nelson, this is a beautiful and inspirational listen. CD booklet contains comments from the composer and the director.


  1. Think Different 2:50
  2. Hey Woz/Dawn Of Computers 2:36
  3. First Deal 1:16
  4. We Got A Shop/In The Garage 1:48
  5. More Inventory 1:05
  6. Cold Calls 2:13
  7. Jobs Fires His Girlfriend/Computer Fair 3:07
  8. Going Public 2:38
  9. Steve's The Problem/Letter From Lisa 4:30
  10. Simpler Interface/For Everyman 1:42
  11. Recruiting Team Macintosh 2:58
  12. Jobs Gets John Sculley 1:04
  13. 1984 Commercial 2:03
  14. The Board Acts/Steve Makes Calls 3:24
  15. Golden Parachute 2:50
  16. Worst Mistake I Ever Made 4:28
  17. Father And Son 2:01
  18. Seven Years Later/Steve Jobs The Gardner 2:17
  19. Jobs Returns*/Tours Apple* 2:46
  20. Why Do You Stay? 2:04
  21. Resignations 1:33
  22. Steve's Theme: Main Title 3:26

Total Album Time: 55:20 *
composed by John Debney and Josh Debney

LLLCD 1271


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