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La-La Land Records and WaterTower Music present the original motion picture score to the all-new New Line Cinema feature film THE CONJURING, starring Lili Taylor, Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson, and directed by James Wan. THE CONJURING opens nationwide in theaters July 19, 2013. Composer Joseph Bishara (DARK SKIES, INSIDIOUS) creates a masterfully scary horror score to compliment this acclaimed, true-life haunted-house shocker. Produced by the composer and mastered by Dave Collins, this expertly crafted work finds meaning in the film’s most frightening moments while also supporting its thoughtful and earnest characterizations. The final track, "Family Theme," is by Mark Isham and is the perfect ending to this chilling score that will thrill and delight genre fans!


  1. The Conjuring 1:01
  2. Dead Birds 0:35
  3. Clap Game 5:23
  4. Witch Perch 2:32
  5. Maurice 0:59
  6. Touring Haunted Planes 1:37
  7. Taped Occurrences 2:00
  8. Black Bile 1:04
  9. She Saw Something 1:10
  10. Look What She Made Me Do 0:35
  11. Sleepwalker 1:34
  12. Wall Searching 0:28
  13. Hanging Drop 2:14
  14. Water Corpse Vision 1:44
  15. You Look Very Pretty 1:49
  16. Souls Pulled In 1:43
  17. Witch Comes Through 1:29
  18. Birds Pulled In 1:15
  19. Murderous Offering 0:58
  20. The Soaring Entities 3:15
  21. Ritual Casting 3:25
  22. Cellar Tone 0:59
  23. Annabelle 3:32
  24. Doll Box 0:48
  25. Family Theme by Mark Isham 4:35
    TOTAL TIME: 46:10


LLLCD 1265


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