La-La Land Records proudly presents the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the highly anticipated, wildly acclaimed Lions Gate Films theatrical release CABIN FEVER.

Composers Nathan Barr (BEYOND THE MAT, FROM DUSK ‘TILL DAWN 3) and the legendary Angelo Badalamenti (TWIN PEAKS, BLUE VELVET, SECRETARY) ratchet horror up to a whole new level with their mesmerizing, nerve-jangling score.>CD also features SONGS from the film by Scrappy Hamilton, Your Mom, Happy Wednesday, and The Turtlenecks.>Includes special BONUS TRACKS from AngeloBadalamenti!

CD Booklet features EXCLUSIVE LINER NOTES from Director/Writer Eli Roth and Composer Nathan Barr.
For a limited time.

To find out more about the movie, visit the film's official site

Track Listing

  1. "Squirrels" (0:12)
  2. Sh*tstorm (Performed By Your Mom) (3:33) Connor O'Neill/Connor O'Neill Music ASCAP
  3. "Lit Him On Fire"+ (0:09)
  4. Wastin' Time (Performed By Scrappy Hamilton) (3:26) Scott Kinnebrew/Scrappy Hamilton/Scrappy Hamilton Music
  5. "Party Man"+ (0:15)
  6. Walkin', Workin', Lovin', Laughin' (3:38) (Performed By The Turtlenecks) Noah Belson and Matthew Cappiello/The Turtlenecks BMI
  7. Main Title/Infectious Dog* (3:40)
  8. Dennis Bites* (1:56)
  9. Lemonade* (0:57)
  10. The Nougat?* (0:24)
  11. Paul And Karen**/Good Kisser* (1:26)
  12. Burn The Hermit* (2:25)
  13. What To Do* (2:47)
  14. Karen Sips/The Hog Lady* (3:33)
  15. Deputy Winston** (4.10)
  16. Red Love**/Virus Check* (4:22)
  17. Karen Falls Apart* (3:45)
  18. Marcy & Paul Screw* (1:47)
  19. Pancakes/Runnin' From Rednecks* (2:26)
  20. The Reservoir/Leg Shaving* (5:23)
  21. Die, Redneck Die* (2:32)
  22. Grim's Cave* (2:19)
  23. Party Crasher* (1:11)
  24. The Party Ain't Over* (1:25)
  25. Jeff Makes It* (4:07)
  26. Comin To A Town Near You* (0:59)
  27. "I Made It"+ (0:47)
  28. Swing Low (Performed By Happy Wednesday) (4:33) Happy Wednesday/Happy Wednesday Music
  29. "Faced"+ (0:11)   BONUS TRACKS
  30. "Hermit's Lair** (1:50)
  31. Hunting With Bert** (1:53)
  32. Red Love (Extended)** (3:35)

Total Time: 76:32

* - Music Composed By Nathan Barr published by Cabin Pictures LLC BMI

** - Music Composed By Angelo Badalamenti, published by Anlon Music Company ASCAP + - Dialogue From The Film.

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