Presenting a very special 3-DISC SET of the riveting score to Paramount Pictures’ 1997 hit thriller BREAKDOWN, starring Kurt Russell, Kathleen Quinlan and J.T. Walsh, directed by Jonathan Mostow. Renowned composer Basil Poledouris (CONAN THE BARBARIAN, THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, ROBOCOP, STARSHIP TROOPERS), keeps this suspense thriller’s pedal pegged to the floor with an effective score that can finally be heard here in all of its varied incarnations: Disc One features the Final Revised Film Score, while Disc Two contains the Alternate Early Film Score and Disc Three contains additionaAlternates. Additional music is by Richard Marvin, Eric Colvin, Steve Forman and Judd Miller. Produced by Dan Goldwasser and mastered by Mike Matessino, this special 3-CD SET features in-depth liner notes by Jeff Bond that takes the reader through BREAKDOWN’S complicated and fascinating scoring process. This is a limited edition of 3000 units


DISC ONE: (Final Revised Film Score)

  1. Main Titles 2:54
  2. Gas Station / Leaving Belle’s 2:05
  3. Earl’s Truck By / Photos / No Help 4:13
  4. Route 7-North 7:44 Composed by Richard Marvin (65%) and Basil Poledouris (35%)
  5. Deep Wacko / Heist Explained 4:33
  6. The Bank 5:07 Composed by Richard Marvin (56%) and Basil Poledouris(44%)
  7. Bringing Money to Earl* /Jeff in the Truck** / Jeff Stabs Earl /
    Cop Pursues 4:12
    *Composed by Steve Forman and Judd Miller
    **Composed by Eric Colvin
  8. Earl and Cop Shot*/Speeding Truck Climb** 6:58
      *Composed by Basil Poledouris and Eric Colvin
    **Composed by Eric Colvin (54%) and Judd Miller (29%) and Richard Marvin (17%)
  9. In the Freezer 3:36
  10. Jeff Sneaks Into House / Deke Freeze /Car Chase 9:27
  11. Truck Ramming* / Climb the Truck* /The Truck Falls** 3:59
    *Composed by Richard Marvin
     **Composed by Richard Marvin (50%) and Basil Poledouris (50%)
  12. End Credits 4:37

Disc One Total Time: 59:15

DISC TWO: (Alternate Early Film Score)

  1. Main Titles 3:02
  2. Earl’s Truck By / Leaving Belle’s 2:09
  3. No Help 1:46
  4. Photos 1:04
  5. Route 7-North 10:17
  6. Deep Wacko :26
  7. Heist Explained 4:12
  8. The Bank / Bringing Money to Earl 6:08
  9. Jeff in the Truck / Jeff Stabs Earl 2:36
  10. Cop Pursues :50
  11. Earl and Cop Shot 1:53
  12. Speeding Truck Climb 5:29
  13. In the Freezer / Deke Freeze /Car Chase 12:53
  14. Truck Ramming 5:41

Disc Two Total Time: 58:20

DISC THREE (Alternates)

  1. Photos (Early Alternate) 1:10
  2. Route 7-North(Original Revised Composition) 8:46
  3. Three Deep Wackos (Three Alternates) 1:07
  4. The Bank (Early Alternate) 5:08
  5. Earl and Cop Shot / Truck Climb (Original Revised Composition) 7:00
  6. In the Freezer (Early Alternate) 4:52
  7. Deke Freeze / Car Chase (Original Revised Composition) 8:09
  8. Truck Ramming / Climb the Truck/
    The Truck Falls (Original Revised Composition) 5:24
  9. Earl and Cop Shot (Alternate Overlay) 1:52
  10. The Bank / Route 7-North (Alternate Segments) 6:55

Disc Three Total Time: 50:19

Total Album Time: 167:54


LLLCD 1173


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